Jul 05

BT told to fix most faults ‘within 2 days’

Openreach, the BT Company that deals with the United Kingdom’s telephone and broadband network has been told to work harder on fixing faults and installing net access. BT told to fix most faults within 2 days.

The United Kingdom’s regulator Ofcom has issued rules that means the firm has to repair faults in 2 working days.

Clients waiting for a new line to be fitted must get an appointment in 12 working days.

According to the new rules, British Telecom must complete approximately 80 per cent of fault repairs in 1 to 2 working days of being told and make an appointment for around 80 per cent of new line fittings in twelve working days.

These targets must be introduced over 3 years, Ofcom said.

British Telecom must also publish numbers on how its engineers are achieving this and Ofcom may impose penalties if it doesn’t achieve this on the new times given for repairs and installations.