Jul 25

BT Price Increase

BT has announced a BT Price Increase which states that they are raising the price of their telephone line rental by 5% to a huge £19.99, twice the cost of we can obtain!

This is going to upset all their business customers from the 1st August 2014. This huge price increase now means that for the cost of BT’s line rental alone, we could switch you and you would receive their line rental PLUS two of our popular call options –  including our UK Landline Anytime option that gives you FREE calls to all numbers starting 01, 02 or 03, anytime day or night!

This latest price increase comes on the back of another price increase implemented by BT in May. This saw their prices for local, national, mobile, and international calls plus the cost of their connection charges all go up. Below are the details:

  • Connection charges increased from 17p to 18p (+6%)
  • Local, national and mobile calls increased from 13p to 15p (+13%)
  • All international calls increased, with calls to the top 20 international destinations increasing from 78p to 85p (+8%).

A one minute local or national call with BT will now cost 33 pence, compared to 6 pence we Can obtain! There’s never been a better time to call us!

Call us now and see what you can save.