It’s easy switching energy!

You know that you are probably paying too much for your Electricity, Gas, Telecoms, LPG and Insurances.

The problem is finding the time and the right company to sort it for you.Just imagine handing the lot over to an expert without having to pay their wages, well you can.Here at Easy Switching we will do it all for you. We use many partners to ensure that whatever you are trying to save money on, you will obtain the best deal with the least effort.Unlike residential uses, getting the right product in a business isn’t plain sailing, there are no comparison sites that do it all, if something goes wrong there is no watchdog who is interested “You are a business, you should know better”!  You are on your own – until now.So, how does switching energy work?

There are two ways to obtain the best prices for you.

We do it all

We work with you

Firstly, we will need something to go on:

  • Your last bill 
  • Letter of Authority 

What you then have do

  • Nothing 

Unlike other companies we will do all this on your behalf

  • Log you on our system 
  • Contact your existing supplier and find out your current usage 
  • Request your contractual status 
  • Schedule renewal dates 
  • Cancel your existing contract at the correct time if needed (to stop the roll over trap) 
  • Start the tendering process at the correct time 
  • Supply you with prices and options available to you 
  • Supply you with the supplier contract for you to sign if you are happy to go ahead 
  • Arrange the changeover 
  • Advise you that all has completed 
Again we need something to go on

  • Your meter number
  • Your annual consumption.
  • Or a copy of your last bill, with the S number on it if electricity.

We can then give you the best price and can proceed from there. This works well if you know your contract end date and are happy to terminate your existing contract yourself (Make sure you have a good diary system!)


This will of course vary slightly depending on the product you are switching

What do you have to do next?

Just give us a ring on 01259 225 430 or fill in the form on the right. If you require a visit that can be arranged, although most companies are to busy for this, your decision!

What does Easy Switch Charge?

Nothing, the suppliers give us a small commission and we rely on volume to make this worthwhile, so of course we have to give a great service to achieve this.

It’s Easy Switching energy